Sunday, June 8, 2008

at 8 months

ariff turns 8 months today. soon he will hit his one-year mark. time flies so fast.

now he's able to lift himself onto his knees. he's slowly pulling himself up and looking at the tv at eye level, rummaging the 2nd shelve, messing with mummy's hair and playing with the top part of the imaginarium...

because of that, hubby lowered his cot to the lowest level. i woke up one day to see him holding on to the railings, while on his knees. scary thoughts ran through my mind...

he's slowly drinking less milk, which is super. when he wakes up, he doesnt scream out for milk like asyraf did. he can wait about an hour for his bath and a bit of playtime, then he's have his breakfast of nestum (or porridge when he's at school). after that he doesnt want the bottle and prefers playing. before his nap, i'd give him a 5oz bottle. then maybe a couple more bottles in the afternoon and evening. he even refuses the bottle before he sleeps (and doesnt wake up for feed). another amir, i hope...which means easy to stop milk. alhamdulillah...

he eats a lot! at home he eats 5 spoons on nestum, 3 times a day. at school he eats rice porridge.

he's an excellent crawler now. he crawls everywhere and follows his 2 brothers from one room to another.

he hates being alone and would scream at the sight of someone leaving the room. he would also lift up his hands (although more to the sides than towards someone) when he sees he's about to be carried.

ariff's got a really bad flu now. its been a week since he got it and the skin on his nose is all dry and cracked. poor baby.