Wednesday, December 26, 2007

long leave with ariff


took friday last week and monday this week off. spent friday alone with ariff at home.

ariff's very responsive recently. he laughs when i laugh, he smiles when i smile and he loves making bubbles.

he's just so precious...

Monday, December 24, 2007

visit to the doctor


took ariff for his dual triple antigen+polio+hib and pneumococcal jab today. alhamdulillah, after asyraf's 'macam-macam ada' penyakit, ariff is fine and healthy, insyaallah.

he now weighs a wonderful 5.4kg and is so chubby and round. he didnt cry much when he was shot but he did scream outloud as the doctor injected him. other than that, it was a good visit.

the doctor gave him paracetamol in case he falls sick from the jabs.

before we went to the hospital, i put ariff on the bed with amir. ever since i rid ariff of his mittens, he's started to suck his fingers. amir loved watching that, probably because he sucks his fingers as well. ariff wore the t-shirt tiza bought for asyraf from holland. can you think asyraf would fit the t-shirt, ariff ngam-ngam je...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

me, myself & i


age - 2 months, 14 days
weight - 5kg
height - 50cm

date - 8 october 2007
time - 11:27am
place - damansara specialist hospital

smile - 19 october 2007