Monday, November 24, 2008

First Birthday Party


Thursday, July 17, 2008

at 9 months


time passes by so fast. soon ariff will be celebrating his first birthday.

at 9 months, ariff -
can pull himself up to a standing, he can even let go of one hand and hold on with only one;

loves waking up in the morning to everyone's voices - he will call out from his cot, stand and smile at everyone;

can eat rice now - real adult rice. at home we still give him nestum but he gets bored very fast. the downside about him eating rice is that we dont have endless supply of soup to mix the rice with. guess i have to increase the portion i make on weekends;

is getting to be rougher. he doesnt back down from fights with abang long and abang. if his toys are snatched from him, he will growl and snatch back;

loves being part of the makan crowd. if abang long and abang are munching, he'd better have some too, if not he will growl and growl;

ah...ariff growls. he makes the cutest sound when he wants to get someone's attention - be it when he's lonely or angry or happy - he will growl;

loves his bathtime. when he's after a toy outside the bathtub, he will throw himself out of the bathtub without a single thought;

loves his car seat. he will look out to the world passing by and ignore the banter between abang long and abang. unless one of them brings out a cookie;

has 4 teeth now. his 3rd and 4th came out the same time on 28 june 2008.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

at 8 months


ariff turns 8 months today. soon he will hit his one-year mark. time flies so fast.

now he's able to lift himself onto his knees. he's slowly pulling himself up and looking at the tv at eye level, rummaging the 2nd shelve, messing with mummy's hair and playing with the top part of the imaginarium...

because of that, hubby lowered his cot to the lowest level. i woke up one day to see him holding on to the railings, while on his knees. scary thoughts ran through my mind...

he's slowly drinking less milk, which is super. when he wakes up, he doesnt scream out for milk like asyraf did. he can wait about an hour for his bath and a bit of playtime, then he's have his breakfast of nestum (or porridge when he's at school). after that he doesnt want the bottle and prefers playing. before his nap, i'd give him a 5oz bottle. then maybe a couple more bottles in the afternoon and evening. he even refuses the bottle before he sleeps (and doesnt wake up for feed). another amir, i hope...which means easy to stop milk. alhamdulillah...

he eats a lot! at home he eats 5 spoons on nestum, 3 times a day. at school he eats rice porridge.

he's an excellent crawler now. he crawls everywhere and follows his 2 brothers from one room to another.

he hates being alone and would scream at the sight of someone leaving the room. he would also lift up his hands (although more to the sides than towards someone) when he sees he's about to be carried.

ariff's got a really bad flu now. its been a week since he got it and the skin on his nose is all dry and cracked. poor baby.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

at 7 months


ariff has officially passed the "young baby" stage and is now in the "older baby" stage.

he's finally grown his first 2 teeth. i noticed them on 1 may when we were in bukit tinggi. the right tooth has cut the gums while the left is visible and about to cut the gums. i think he's about the same age as asyraf when asyraf got his teeth.

he's eating a lot. i was just told by his teacher that he eats 17 spoons on nestum at school. at home we only give 5 spoons, about 2 spoons for breakfast and 3 for dinner. in between he drinks milk. guess that's why he's as big as he is.

he's drinking enfapro now, not enfalac anymore.

he's shuffling to his heart's content. he shuffles everywhere and picks up everything in his way.

ariff is very determined. its shown on his face when he sees something he wants and would pull his body towards it. he ignores everything around him and focuses on what he wants.

he's starting to play with his brothers. when amir & asyraf are on the floor together, he wants to jump in and join them.

he's starting to not take naps during the day. he sleep through the night but would awaken at around 3am calling to be lifted. he usually would fall asleep after i bring him over to our bed and sleep next to him. so manja...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

at bukit tinggi


ariff the mok mok...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

may first 2008


ariff's teeth showed up in bukit tinggi...