Tuesday, April 8, 2008

at 6 months


ariff hit the half year mark. we should be doing a revise forecast at this stage :)

this boy is such a little mok mok. he eats a lot, he drinks a lot. but he's sleeping less. because he's hungry all the time he gets up for night feeds now. usually he would want a bottle before he sleeps around 10pm. if he misses that feed, he would get up at 1130pm. that is a 7oz bottle. then another feed and a change at 4am. not much this time, just a 5oz bottle. god he drinks a lot!

he's slowly lifting his bum and carrying his chest. it will be crawling phase soon enough.

he's shifted backwards and was dangling off the bed a couple of nights ago.

he's never short of a smile every morning. night time he can drift off to bed on his own on a good night. if he's not in a good mood he requires cuddling and a bit of bouncing.

he had a slight moody phase the past week. i've been checking his gums...no visible white signs yet to blame it on teething.

he loves his exersaucer and is very alert of the toys on it. he's like amir when it comes to this. asyraf wasnt in tune with the exersaucer as much.

he's always watching both brothers. cant wait to see the three of them interact.

he's an angel in the car. sleeps and keeps to himself. unless the bored amir decides to disturb him.

he's such a huggable bouncing ball, who's grown quite tall.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

getting better


almost a week on, ariff's looking slightly better. he wont smile as much, he wont laugh as much but he's getting there. he's also lost quite a bit of weight...no longer the little mok mok.