Thursday, May 8, 2008

at 7 months


ariff has officially passed the "young baby" stage and is now in the "older baby" stage.

he's finally grown his first 2 teeth. i noticed them on 1 may when we were in bukit tinggi. the right tooth has cut the gums while the left is visible and about to cut the gums. i think he's about the same age as asyraf when asyraf got his teeth.

he's eating a lot. i was just told by his teacher that he eats 17 spoons on nestum at school. at home we only give 5 spoons, about 2 spoons for breakfast and 3 for dinner. in between he drinks milk. guess that's why he's as big as he is.

he's drinking enfapro now, not enfalac anymore.

he's shuffling to his heart's content. he shuffles everywhere and picks up everything in his way.

ariff is very determined. its shown on his face when he sees something he wants and would pull his body towards it. he ignores everything around him and focuses on what he wants.

he's starting to play with his brothers. when amir & asyraf are on the floor together, he wants to jump in and join them.

he's starting to not take naps during the day. he sleep through the night but would awaken at around 3am calling to be lifted. he usually would fall asleep after i bring him over to our bed and sleep next to him. so manja...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

at bukit tinggi


ariff the mok mok...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

may first 2008


ariff's teeth showed up in bukit tinggi...