Saturday, March 22, 2008



ariff is getting stronger and more confident by the day. he's now able to lift his chest while on his tummy and his head, while lying down.

Monday, March 10, 2008

at 5 months


my baby boy is now 5 months. such a big boy (literally) and such a nice baby. at 5 months, ariff can

- roll over and roll back and roll over again;
- eat, although he seems to only want porridge. none of them nestum and gerber. ariff...u know mummy's lazy;
- recognise his bottle;
- finish the full 90z bottle;
- scream the house down and kick his cot/playpen when he's hungry;
- suck his thumb away;
- recognise his parents and brothers;
- focus on people walking down the stairs;
- fit into size L diapers (huggies has got new size wonder its been out of stock for ages).

ariff now loves to sit up in his bath, he hates being laid down when taking his bath. he's slowly outgrowing his car seat, it could be time to transfer him to asyraf's seat or get a new one for him (oh the latter is so tempting). he now wears clothes for 6-12 months old. he's gotten almost all of his primary jabs (1 more immunisation visit to go - for both the 4th hepatitis B jab and his 3rd pneumococcal jab). alhamdulillah he's only been sick twice in his five months, although both times require the nebuliser.

at his last pead visit, ariff was 6.7kg heavy and 64cm tall.