Thursday, February 26, 2009

16 months


ariff will probably be forever known as mok. calling him ariff will take sometime for him to show any reaction, but calling out 'mok' will get a response from him.

- he is extra manja, at home and in school;
- everybody calls out to him...what is this thing that he has?
- he's still smelly;
- he's got good set of 15 teeth, although its not so nicely put (braces coming up for ariff);
- ariff loves to dance - his favourite song at the moment is mickey mouse's hot dog;
- he's lost some weight but is still pudgy at his legs;
- he would show off his tummy when asked 'where's baby?';
- ariff understands a lot of words and is starting to reply;
- he can say 'nak', 'tak nak', 'abam', 'dog';
- he loves to immitate and is very expressive;
- he remembers a lot of things and would give wonderful responses;
- he loves to watch animals and would stand near the window to watch dog and birds complete with sound effects;
- he hates bug and would have no mercy squashing them;
- he loves food - pasta, rice, bread, cookies, cakes, you name it;
- ariff is a biter, if he's angry the first thing he would do is open his mouth to bite (jaws);
- he's loves to merajuk. sometimes we scold him for no reason just to see him all teary;
- ariff's very affectionate and loves a cuddle and a kiss.

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